Upgrade your English Skills with IDIOM ATTACK

Idiom Attack is an effective learning tool for people who wish to add the power of idioms to their repertoire and improve their overall English ability.

Use Idiom Attack to learn useful, new idioms, experience them in everyday situations, and see animations to help you remember them before you quiz yourself on all you’ve learned.

Why idioms?

Idioms represent the most colorful language used in everyday conversation yet tend to be the most difficult for foreign learners to understand and for teachers to convey. Idiom Attack is a collection of North American idioms in common usage today, arranged in an easy to read and understand format. Topical chapters provide easy access for intermediate to advanced students of English.

Only the most useful idioms and phrasal expressions are included, with meanings in both English and your language for comparison. Example sentences provide contextual support for more in depth understanding and practical application and stories challenge learners with the application of language with follow-up comprehension questions designed to coax them to use the target language. Finally, discussion questions encourage deeper dialogue and practice with opportunities for reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Why Idiom Attack?

Learning English is a breeze with Idiom Attack. You’ll easily understand our idioms by following our 3 step plan.

  • Learn the idiom definition
  • Practice with our examples
  • Communicate with other students to show off your new skills
  • You’ll Master these idioms within days without breaking a sweat. So what are you waiting for!

Finally feeling familiar with idioms?

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Rave Reviews

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Awesome Book!

 I've studied French for years, and my high school adopted a program where they get a French person (1 a year) to help teach the class and expose us to real French. My teacher got this book to help the assistants figure out what we were saying in English! It's just like our regular textbooks, but sooooo much more useful! I've gone over some of the stuff in here with our assistant teacher and she's getting more comfortable with English, just like I am with French!

A Great Learning Tool

This is a great learning tool. Not only does it provide multiple examples of these idioms in English sentences, it also has fill in the blanks and crosswords to help you learn how to use them. These exercises and the CD make the book stick out (look, an idiom). This means you see the idioms, you hear them, and you practice using them. I’m glad there’s a second book to this one.

Great tool!

It’s a very useful book. I like the many examples and the good organization of the book; it’s easy to read and learn from. The color makes it stick out from other textbooks, too. I would recommend this series to anyone learning English. It really helps you understand everyday English phrases.

Great for Classroom Use!

A very good tool. My friend used this in Spain while teaching English, and she said the students began using idioms whenever they could squeeze them into a sentence. It provides great example sentences, and you can easily turn the book into a lesson plan or create flashcards from it. English learners and English teachers alike should have these books.